Hemp lingerie

Among the natural fibers, the hemp it is unsurpassed. L'organic clothing it is perfect for those who want to dress respecting the environment but even more suitable for those with allergy problems and easily irritable skin. The market offers t-shirts, shorts but also evening dresses and hemp lingerie.

There hemp, together with soy derivatives, is widely used in the textile industry, the brand knows something about it Jezebelle with its line of lingerie in black and white. There hemp lingerie is essentially proposed in natural white color, the fabrics in hemp they are characterized by convenience and comfort above all for their power in absorbing moisture which makes them pleasant and fresh.

There hemp lingerie it has analergic properties, so it does not irritate the skin, in addition, hemp is often used in combination with organic cotton. On the contrary, the underwear commonly found on the market is made up of highly complex fibers, synthetic fibers are produced exclusively in the laboratory through the manipulation of raw materials based on petroleum or coal, for example polyester, nylon and acrylic, artificial fibers exploit natural raw materials such as rayon.

Natural fibers, such as hemp and organic cotton, rarely cause skin irritation and are safer to touch. When you decide to buy a garment of hemp lingerie better make sure it is not treated with artificial colors.

Another brand that offers hemp lingerie is the Pacino underwear, with lines available for both men and women. The Pacino underwear line offers natural colors and lingerie seamless. There hemp lingerie of the Pacino brand guarantees high standards of sustainability including the absence of pesticides and chemical herbicides in plant crops for the production of natural fibers.

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