Energy saving in museums

Air conditioning, lighting, communication, security and monitoring needs make the museums among the buildings with the highest environmental impact: their energy bills fluctuate on average from 780 to 1280 GW per year, a considerable expense even for those structures which are widely visited by a paying public. But not only that, the situation is worsened by the current use of paints and also polluting materials and the high generation of waste. Fortunately, a lot is being done for the energy saving in museums, not surprisingly many museums in Europe they are doing their utmost to do so.

Energy saving in museums, the leds
The situation in the museums it could improve through small and large measures such as the simple replacement of normal light bulbs, with low consumption ones. With the new led solutions in museums, you can get a saving of about 70% of energy consumption.
The new LEDs have a lower power than the old halogen lighting system and this will result in, in museums, a considerable energy saving during the exhibition period. Furthermore, the duration of the new lamps is very long (about 30 thousand hours) and this will allow a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs of the lighting bodies.
But not only that! The works of art are better preserved with LEDs, since they are not subjected to excessive heat sources.

Energy saving in European museums
In pole position on the wave of energy saving, in chronological order, there is the Hermitage, the state museum (St. Petersburg-Russia) which has reduced energy consumption by 55% simply by replacing all the bulbs.
London also appears to be far ahead in energy efficiency. Twelve museums Londoners received the 'Green Tourism' award, the recognition given to structures with low environmental impact. The old lighting systems have been replaced with new, more efficient devices and the old gas heating systems with more modern systems capable of saving energy, coming into operation only when visitors walk through the halls of the museum. Thanks to this award, the awarded structures will receive an additional grant from Renaissance London, an institution that supports regional museums.

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