At Lingotto the green side of SMAU

A lot green economy at the first time in Turin of SMAU, on the calendar Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 May at hall 1 of Lingotto Fiere (IdeeGreen is media partner of the event and offers you a free invitation via the link below).

Among the themes of the fair dedicated to digital technologies and innovation, the energy saving, the sustainable mobility, the enhancement of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage, alongside the (no longer very young) issues of digital literacy and e-Government.

Of Smart City to SMAU Turin they will speak National Anci, Anci Piemonte is Torino Wireless Foundation through the workshops that will take place in the Smart City Arena - National Technology Clusters (moderators will be the science journalists of Radio24). Also interesting is the Smart City Award (Thursday 9 May at 12.00) designed to share the positive and negative experiences of 'smart cities' and make them replicable elsewhere.

To those who want to touch, SMAU Turin aims to tell the experiences of some Italian regions and small and medium-sized municipalities in Piedmont that have carried out projects on the subject of innovation, smart community, smart factory, energy saving and more among the things that have benefited the community.

Anci Piedmont, this time together with CSI Piedmont, will also talk about the project 'How much do we save if ...?' as part of the initiativeEasy Piedmont ' which allows all municipalities to plan policies energy saving inside public buildings. The Piedmont Region will instead focus on the strategic issue of the reuse of e-government projects and interinstitutional cooperation in support of innovation.

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