Sow the lawn in the spring, driving

Instructions for sow the lawn in spring. Practical advice on how to prepare the soil and how to proceed with sowing. From soil analysis to the mix of lawn seeds to choose from.

When to sow the lawn

There spring it is the ideal time for gardening. In this period there are numerous maintenance works to be carried out, both as regards the lawn careboth when we talk about the vegetable garden.

Also in spring, we can find the optimal conditions for the sowing the lawn. In this period we can sow the portions of lawn damaged by the cold and the intense activities of the previous season, or provide for onesowingcomplete with the turf.

Not only spring, the lawn can also be sown in autumn. In reality, autumn has greater advantages for sowing the lawn, however most people choose spring: it is in this period that they begin to experience the outdoors.

Not only turf, in spring it is possible to sow a beautiful flowery meadow.

Sowing the lawn in autumn

Sow a lawn in spring it is possible even if the most suitable period, as stated, coincides with the beginning of autumn.

In autumn, you have the advantage of still warm ground, fresh from the summer and, in addition, the autumn season sees a lot of rainfall in order to keep the soil moist.

Sowing the lawn in spring

Who decides to sow the lawn in spring he has to deal with weeds. In spring the vegetation is in full growth, this is true for the flowers on the balcony but also for the weeds! As a precaution, we invite you to read the article "weeds in the lawn". In addition, you will need to take care to provide watering from the first periods of growth.

Sowing the lawn

In this article we will give you all the instructions for sow a lawn, regardless of the period of the year. May it be spring, summer or autumn, the guidelines to follow are the same. The ground must be soft and well leveled. The surface can be prepared by leveling where necessary.

Prepare the soil for lawn sowing

When you decide to sow themeadow, more time is required for soil preparation.

The soil must be light and crumbly so as to allow the seeds to germinate. Who decides to sow in spring will have one more problem to deal with: the appearance of weeds.

Although we do not recommend it, to solve this problem you can resort to the use of selective herbicides, these substances are capable of killing weeds while they are germinating, but you must choose the right time for application. Also this time, I invite you again to read the article dedicated toinfested grasses in the meadow.

On average, it takes 50 grams of seeds for every square meter of soil. After sowing, it is better not to walk on the area for at least two months.

How long does it take for the lawn to grow

Growth is highly affected by temperatures. Generally speaking, we can say that in spring, the lawn will be ready within about three weeks of sowing. In autumn, growth may slow down based on the climatic trend, but generally it does not exceed 4 weeks.

Which seeds to choose

Based on the use you want to make of the lawn and taking into account the type of soil, choose the most appropriate seeds. Among the various proposals on the market, we point out those with the best value for money:

Maciste - Extra-strong Prato conf. from 1 kg
Although on the purchase package it is indicated that the doses are for 40 square meters, with one kg of this seed for lawn you can obtain a dense green area of ​​25 square meters. These are seeds for a low-maintenance turf, resistant to drought and suitable for the most diverse environmental conditions. The price is about 15 euros including shipping costs. Medium green lawn.

Strong extra strong lawn. 5 kg pack
Also in this case we are talking about a low maintenance and extremely resistant mixture. The seeds in question are made up of 80% of Festuca Arundinacea, 10% of Lojetto, 10% of Poa Pratese. It is suitable for creating large green areas (up to 100 square meters). The color of the lawn is intense green, darker than the previous one. The price is around 49 euros including shipping costs.

Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Semi. 4.5 kg pack
It has the advantage of incorporating fetilizer so it is particularly easy to sow. It is suitable for flower beds and borders. The price is about 37 euros and is offered with free shipping.

Wolf-Garten - 25 m2 re-sowing lawn
If you already have a lawn but it is damaged, sparse or with uncultivated areas, you can improve the situation by taking advantage of these fast-growing seeds. The cost is 10.07 euros with free shipping.

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