Cycling: iPhone applications

Passionate cyclists spend a lot of money on the purchase of cyclin dedicated computers, while those who own a iPhone can make up for the absence of this device through one of the many app proposals on the iTunes Store. The best app of cycling dedicated toiPhone they allow you to transform your Apple smartphone into a GPS tool capable of monitoring times, distances traveled and speeds used. Many app of cycling for iPhone integrate the sharing function on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, plus they release reports and graphics that show the user's progress and performance. The only drawback is that cycling apps work by exploiting the GPS signal continuously, this causes a drastic reduction in the battery life of theiPhone.


But which are the best cycling app for iPhone? By making an overview of the iTunes App Store, and comparing the characteristics of the various applications, we were able to highlight six proposals.

  1. RoadBike Pro
    Door on'IPhone 50 different functions, all with the aim of keeping track of bike rides. It allows you to download maps for use in offline mode and allows the multi-user option, which allows the creation and management of multiple profiles. The Live Traking function allows you to receive encouragement from friends while the user is pedaling! If the cyclist suddenly stops, the application will automatically pause. The application is available in a free and pro version, the full version costs 5.49 euros. L'app is able to monitor heart rate, breathing and other vital parameters through an accessory that must be purchased separately. For each parameter it offers graphs and reports. It has a diary that keeps track of each run. Factor not to be underestimated, l'App is available in Italian!
  2. iBike Dash Cycling Computer shows alcyclist, all instant information about the rides inbicycle, keeps track of every detail and allows you to share your results with friends or teammates. L'App involves the use of a special case with ANT + wireless speed sensor.
  3. iMapMyRide
    It offers almost all the options proposed by RoadBike Pro but does not allow you to leave a feedbak, does not have a diary and the pause must be set manually. Currently you can download theapp for free! The App is available in Italian.
  4. GPS Cyclemeter
    Its strong point are the reports and charts!
  5. Cicle Traker Pro
    Its strong point is the ease of use. The app is extremely intuitive, in a single screen it shows timing, maps and distance. It keeps track of all the useful information: altitude, distance traveled, calories, time, speed, and average speed.
  6. B.iCycle
    Like RoadBike Pro it offers an automatic pause function.


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