EV recharge, how much will it cost me?

With the electric cars even the prices of mobility become more sustainable, we are talking about costs ranging between 1 and 3 euros for one charging which allows us to travel at least 120 kilometers.

A diesel car with a consumption of 6 liters / 100 km requires a cost of 13 euros to travel the same distances. With the Smart Elecrtic Drive, for example, one charging complete costs € 1.15 and allows you to travel 145 km at a constant speed, the costs for the insurance of electric cars are halved, as well as those of maintenance and remember that the electric cars they are exempt from stamp duty.

Currently, when it comes to Reload the electric cars the main doubts arise on the spread of the stations of charging on the Italian territory and on the charging times. From the front "diffusion of charging stations " local administrations are moving, as regards the charging times, the technologies in the field are increasingly promising.

80% of charging can be reached in 30 minutes. The Australian company Tritium, based in Queensland, specializes precisely in the production of systems for electric vehicles. Tritium has launched a system of fast charging capable of supplying electricity to the vehicle battery 20 times faster than the standards offered by domestic electrical outlets.

The system in question is just an example of the technologies currently available, it is called Veefil and in 10 minutes of charging can provide theelectric car a range of 50 kilometers. Initially, the electric cars required charging times of up to 8 hours, the systems of charging allow you to reach a percentage of charge 80 percent in less than an hour. Yet another example is the Renault Zoe car which recharges in less than 30 minutes!

How do you pay the charging?
Via smartphone and paypal account! In Italy, many of the petrol stations available, provide for the stipulation of a subscription thanks to which the driver will be charged the amount of energy used directly on the electricity bill.

This type of payment is already implemented in the city of Parma where the holders of electric vehicles they can enter into a sort of contract and have the amount of the top-ups delivered directly to the electricity bill. This was made possible by the charging systems organized in such a way as to simplify the motorist's life regardless of his energy supplier and regardless of the column, whether it is Enel, Hera or Iren.

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