Eco-bonus at 65% for the energy requalification of buildings

Confirmation and increase. The tax bonus for the energy requalification of buildings it was extended from 30 June to 31 December 2013, but also increased from 55% to 65%. The proposal that came to the Government's examination was to even rise to 75%, but in today's discussion (May 31) it won the mediation and under pressure from the Ministry of Economy we met halfway. An additional opportunity concerns condominiums, which will have until 31 December 2014 if the intervention for theenergy efficiency will cover at least a quarter of the building envelope.

The bonus for the building renovations, which, however, includes two important innovations: the possibility of deducting interventions for the anti-seismic adaptation of buildings and the extension to the purchase of furniture, but not all. The bonus includes only the 'fixed' furniture built into the walls, not the components of the kitchens, dressers, beds and bedside tables. Even with these limitations, however, the news is excellent for those who plan to arrange their home, and a little bit also for the furniture industry brought to its knees by the crisis.

Another novelty contained in the decree approved today by the Government is that the definition of 'almost zero energy buildings', whose increase is requested through the definition, but we also hope for the subsequent implementation, of a national plan which, in addition to containing the description of this definition, identifies the objectives for improving energy performance to arrive by 2015.

Atdeductions of the 65% and 50% can access citizens and businesses that carry out any intervention (or systematic set of interventions) such as to allow the building to reach an index ofenergy performance for winter air conditioning below established limits. It is understood that the works must be certified by a techniciancertified certifier.

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