Wind and solar signs for Ricoh's eco-month

On the night of June 5 (on the occasion of the UN World Environment Day) Ricoh kept the lights off insignia with the logo and the night lights of all the Group's branches around the globe. Only the lights remained on eco-friendly signs of New York (Times Square), London and Sydney, which are powered 100% by wind energy is solar and remain off when there are no atmospheric conditions necessary for operation.

It is nice to give an account of these initiatives, and it is not about advertising. The development of eco-friendly wind energy signs is solar it began in April 2009 at Ricoh. The installation of the first teaches took place in Times Square, New York, in 2010 and two more were subsequently installed in London and Sydney. Altogether three o'clock insignia mentioned consume around 150,000 Wh per day of self-produced electricity.

But the night of the WED was just the beginning. In June, that becomes a it is like, Ricoh Italia is developing a series of initiatives green and awareness-raising activities towards environmental issues, including an exhibition of photos taken by employees with two objectives: to enhance the beauty of nature or to denounce its deterioration.

And the eco-Olympics of Ricoh with employees engaged in running, cycling and walking races. Virtual teams will be formed in the company and at the end of the month the 'virtuous team Ricoh Italy 2013' will be elected. Participating is not mandatory for employees but last year the initiative was a great success.

All the above initiatives, from wind energy signs is solar at eco-Olympics, are part of the 'Ricoh Global Eco Action' project that the Japanese multinational adopted in 2006 with the aim of increasing attention on environmental sustainability among Ricoh employees around the world, inviting them to engage in eco-sustainable behavior.

Under the motto of THINK & ACT. Think and act on your own, Ricoh employees are encouraged to commit to energy conservation at work and at home, to participate in environmental initiatives and to take actions for environmental Protection.

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