10 tricks to save diesel

There are many ways to save diesel With the'car. Many do not know that weather conditions also affect the consumption of diesel fuel. For example, going out when there is a lot of wind or on rainy days increases the fuel consumption because thecar to ensure movement it will have to defeat an additional force given by the pressure of the head wind and friction with the rain. Sure for save diesel you must not use thecar only when it's not raining outside… there are many other useful tips you can follow, let's see some!

As save diesel with the car, 10 tips

  1. Carry out the classic maintenance work on the car. There are many factors that can affect the fuel consumption, among these is the air filter. If the air filter is dirty the engine will be less efficient! Make sure your tires are inflated to the right pressure.
  2. Don't drive at high speeds, 90 km / h is more than enough. Driving at 90km / h rather than 100km / h may allow for a diesel fuel savings 10%.
  3. Avoid overfilling thecar. A loaded roof rack leads to an additional 5% fuel consumption. Furthermore, by completely removing the roof rack (the axles), you can save an additional 1% of diesel.
  4. Avoid reckless driving, not only to avoid problems with the highway code but also to preserve the clutch, brakes, tires and save fuel.
  5. Avoid unnecessary movements of the steering wheel, every time the wheels move they cause a certain waste of energy.
  6. Avoid traveling on busy streets or going out at rush hour.
  7. Avoid sudden braking, better slow down with gradual decelerations, this will ensure a high diesel fuel savings.
  8. Always drive in the correct gear: increase gear whenever the tachometer display reaches 2,000 rpm.
  9. Do not operate the air conditioner, especially if you drive at low speeds.
  10. At high speeds, do not drive with the windows down. In such circumstances, air conditioning is more convenient.

Consider the idea of ​​installing fuel saving appliances such as the Grisù.

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