Educational holidays for adults

Who said the educational holidays Are they kid stuff? Exist educational holidays for adults, regenerated experiences that take people away from the stress and chaos of daily hectic life. There are various types of educational holidays for adults, the tourist can choose holidays issues by deepening the topic of your interest. Cycle tourism can also be considered one educational holiday for adults: cyclists, with their organized tours, can stop off at farmhouses and companies that will show them their production chain. Who is not fit enough to spend the holidays by bike, you can always choose one of the offers teaching for adults proposed by the WWF.

The WWF proposes educational holidays for adults by title "Biodiversity Trips ". The holidays with the WWF they respect all the standards of responsible and naturalistic tourism certified by the Quality Charter.

L'adult will have the opportunity to approach the territory visited in all its complexity. You will be able to count on experienced escorts and guides, professional educators and environmental guides. The adult holidays with WWF they are grouped into different categories: trekking, exploration trips, hiking trips, bicycle trips, sailing trips, nature and wellness and camps for adults.

An example is the holiday discovering the biodiversity of Bolivia. The departures to discover Hola, Bolivia, are set for August 17th, September 1st, November 2nd, November 17th and some dates have already been confirmed for 2014: March 15th and 30th. The trip is intended for adults who want to go on an exploration experience lasting 16 days and two nights. Adults will come into contact with the magic of the Andes and the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt lake in the world. Environmental guides will lead the adults for the hidden treasures of Bolivia. 17% of Bolivia's surface is considered a protected area, 40 million of natural forest with a high level of biodiversity!

Latin America is not the only destination proposed by the WWF, there are numerous places to visit with adult holidays of the WWF and there are also stages in Italy! Others educational holidays for adults they include a training part with manual practice: they are not uncommon educational holidays to learn how to build ovens, walls or work with wood ... the proposals of tour operators are very varied.

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