Wirelessly controlled lighting

There light led is also Wifi. Yes yes, you got it right, they exist "wireless bulbs ", or rather, that do not need switches to take action and can be "govern”With a special remote control or directly from the smartphone. Among the excellence of the sector are LED lamps HUE proposed by Philips. The lamps hue change intensity of light and color thanks to a control system Wifi that interconnects home lighting to the smartphone. Philips has developed the Hue App for both iPhone OS and Android, so you don't need to be an Apple fan to turn on the lights with wifi!

“The LED technology of wireless bulbs hue is a bit special. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it can emit white light in all its shades, from the warm yellowish one to the more lively blue-white light. Of course it can also recreate any color of the visible spectrum, in an absolutely natural way. "

In this regard, from the intuitive interface of the smartphone application, you can choose lighting modes based on your mood, in fact we find the Relax mode, Concentrate mode, Energize mode and Reading mode, as well as the ability to adjust a just like color and brightness or create the perfect mix of light to share with the online community.

How does the wifi light?
The bulbs are installed in the same way as with conventional lamps. The difference lies in the presence of a "system brain" which acts as an intermediary between the bulbs and the remote control, in the case of the Hue the bridge in question connects the bulbs to the smartphone. The brain of the Hue system is capable of simultaneously interconnecting up to 50 bulbs, all controllable in mode Wifi from your smartphone! This can be done thanks to a device (the system brain) which, connected to the back of the wireless router, is able to connect the smartphone to the light bulbs.

Among the various goodies offered by the lighting system Wifi Hue, there is an option to adjust the color of the light through images. With the smartphone you choose a photo and by dragging the light bulb icon to a point in the photo, the lamp mounted in the room will begin to emit the color selected on the photo.

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