How to water the plants

Water the plants it is a very simple procedure, but there are some indications to respect in order not to compromise the health of the plants. In the article we will illustrate how to water the plants without making mistakes.

How to water the plantsand, the directions

  • During growth, plants need a lot of water, especially on warm spring and summer days but also when the plant is in bloom. In autumn and winter, the amount of water must then be reduced.
  • Plants with many roots in the pot need more water than plants whose roots still have plenty of room to grow
  • The type of soil must also be considered: soil with a lot of peat does not dry quickly as it is very spongy and therefore retains a lot of water
  • Plants that grow in clay pots need to be watered twice as much as those placed in plastic pots: moisture is absorbed by the pores of the clay and, therefore, evaporates through the walls of the pot, which does not happen with plastic pots.
  • The plants should be watered in the morning when the temperature rises and the need for water is greater: watering in the evening, on the other hand, implies the presence of humidity throughout the night, leading to the development of parasitic fungi and the possibility that the roots can rot
  • It is okay to water the plants with tap water even if it is hard and contains limestone but it would be ideal to collect it in advance in order to then water at room temperature
  • Rainwater is excellent for all, indeed it is preferable to water the azaleas, heather and the Aechmea banded with this water, as they are plants that can not stand limestone: in the absence of rainwater, you can conserve the water boiled pasta to water the plants
  • There are plants that must not be watered in winter, such as cacti and crassules
  • For watering in spring and summer it is advisable to immerse the pots up to the edges in a bucket of warm water, and then remove them when the surface of the compost becomes humid. The same procedure should be done for plants that have dried up
  • It is a good idea to avoid watering the plant from above, especially if exposed to the sun.

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