States General Green Economy 2013: what does Zanonato say?

Also in 2013 the event Ecomondo, scheduled in Rimini on 6 and 7 November next, will give space to States General of the Green Economy, the most institutional of moments in which the situation and objectives of national policies are taken stock for Sustainable Development.

Also in preparation for this appointment, the National Council of the Green Economy, made up of 63 business organizations, has scheduled a meeting with the Minister of Economic Development Flavio Zanonato.

The government's decisions are crucial and the meeting with the minister serves to initiate an initial discussion on some proposals for the development of green economy in Italy around 5 themes: eco-innovation, efficiency and energy saving, renewable energy sources, sustainable finance is sustainable credit for the green economy, initiatives at the level of the regions and local authorities for green economy.

The first comment on the news of the meeting between the minister and the National Council of the Green Economy was that of Edo Ronchi, president of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, the organization that supports the National Council in its activities.

Edo Ronchi stressed that it is very important for the Ministry of Economic Development to participate in the elaboration of the proposals and thanked Minister Zanonato. He added on behalf of the Foundation that he believes that confrontation and participation are the best way to contribute already now to a package of measures to stimulate economic recovery in key green.

Measures to stimulate the economic recovery with the aim of reaching the States General of the Green Economy in November a Ecomondo 2013 with proposals at least partially formulated and, this is the real hope, already agreed with the Minister of Economic Development.