How to build a glass wall

How to build a glass wall

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The glass it is widely used in green building, as it is able to reduce the amount of solar energy in summer and prevent the dispersion of internal heat in winter. They also guarantee excellent sound insulation. Why not create one glass wall to give more light to a less bright room? There glass wall it represents a valid alternative to the classic bricks: it is resistant, robust and above all it lets the light filter through. The glass blocks, while ensuring full brightness and transparency, blur the image so as not to show what is on the other side. In the article we will show you how to build a glass wall step by step.

How to build a glass wall, the necessary

  • Glass bricks: they are available in 2 standard sizes 19 × 19 cm and 24 × 24 cm, the 9 × 19 cm half brick and the 30 × 30 cm extra-large brick. All bricks are 80mm thick.
  • Wooden structure of the size of the wall to be made
  • Screws mm38
  • 50 mm dowels
  • Expansion joints
  • L and T-shaped spacers
  • Malta

How to build a glass wall, the procedure

  1. Arrange the wooden structure on the point where the glass bricks will be positioned, fixing it to the ground to the ceiling and walls with the aid of 38 mm screws for the ceiling and 50 mm dowels for the walls
  2. After fixing the structure, stop a strip of a suitable expansion joint on the side uprights at regular intervals, making sure to leave the space at the base to place a spacer
  3. Mix the mortar well and spread a 1 cm layer on the upright fixed to the ground
  4. Place an L-shaped spacer under the joint, in the corner against the wall and a T-shaped spacer to support the other part of the glass block.

How to build a glass wallor, the glass blocks

  1. Once the structure has been fixed, proceed with the placement of the first glass block between the joint leaning against the wall and the two spacers, making sure that it is stable on the mortar and completely in line with the wall and the floor.
  2. Place the second T-shaped spacer and coat the side of the second brick with mortar and place it between the spacers, making sure to rest it well both on the ground and on the side brick
  3. Place the next bricks remembering that the distance between the first two bricks must be respected between all the others
  4. After you have built the first row, where to check the alignment with a spirit level,
  5. Then spread a layer of mortar over the entire first row: to reinforce the joints between the rows, insert the metal rods into the mortar layer
  6. Place the spacers and compose the second row of glass blocks
  7. After you have built the glass wall, you must wait for it to dry, at least 48 hours.

Useful information: glass blocks cannot be used to build load-bearing walls as they do not guarantee good compressive strength.

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