Monitor and manage environmental performance

Monitor and manage environmental performance

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Eco Index is a system that allows the company to monitor and manage environmental performance of products and to define green objectives, for example that all products must be in line with the environmental regulations of the main global geographic markets in which the company operates.

But also eco-design, reduction ofenvironmental impact, use of materials low-carbon and careful product design found in Eco Index the possibility for the company to launch a green strategy that contributes to the sustainable development of society. Starting with monitoring and measuring results.

L'Eco Index it is an invention of the Korean multinational LG which now uses it to make the development of increasingly green products effective in order to reduce them carbon footprint during the entire life cycle. Environmental monitoring, energy saving and attention to recycling find visibility in an index of immediate perception.

For the evaluation of the carbon footprint in 2011 LG also built the Life Cycle Inventory Database (LCI DB) for 8 product categories (TVs, monitors, washing machines, refrigerators, LEDs, solar panels, mobile phones and air conditioners) and also used it in 2012 to evaluate carbon footprint six other product categories.

In terms of energy saving, LG has internally defined a series of strategies aimed at reducing the consumptionof energy and to keep the power consumption stable. As a result, more than 1,000 LG products met the requirements for the ENERGY STAR quality label in 2012, an increase of 140% over the previous year.

For greater awareness of the C02 emissions generated by the products, the Korean company informs consumers on the amount of GHG (greenhouse gas) emitted during use, measuring the carbon footprint of the entire life cycle. In this respect, LG is working to reduce emissions related to business operations.

Also the use of recycled materials, such as plastics, is key to promoting resource reuse. In this sense, in 2012 LG used 4,980 tons of recycled PCR plastic, a good increase compared to 2010 (2,014 t.) And 2011 (3,298 t.).

Packaging development plays an equally important role, which is why LG has created guidelines and established a development process for green packaging and, in particular, it applied the process to TV and cell phones. For TVs made in 2013, the use of packaging material was reduced by 4.6% compared to an increase in product size, while for mobile phones the reduction was 20.1%.

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