How to decorate the glass

Decorate the glass it is not a complicated procedure, there is the etching technique that does not involve hand engravings and decorations. Below we will show you how to decorate glass using a few tools.

Decorate the glass, etching technique
The etching technique is based on the concept of acid aggression on the glass surface, creating micropores with the result that we will have effects of different shades on the glass.
To engrave the decorative designs we have chosen, it will be sufficient to protect the areas of the glass that we wish not to opacify with Judean bitumen or paraffin: the areas not covered, in this way, will undergo acid etching, taking on the typical opaque ice color

Decorate the glass, the stencils
As an alternative to the etching technique, there are transferable stencils on sale in fine art stores, these are decorate the glass in a simpler and more ecological way since it does not involve the use of bitumen: in this case the design is predetermined.
For the application you need a stencil, acid cream for acid etching, brushes to remove the cream for acid etching, ammonia to clean the glass, spatula to apply the acid cream and gloves.
For the implementation you must:

  1. clean the glass to be decorated with a solution of water and ammonia with a percentage of 10/1
  2. rinse with water, dry thoroughly then place the transferable stencil.
  3. remove the protective tissue from the mask and make the stencil adhere well to the surface.
  4. with the spatula, apply a layer of etching cream on the drawing
  5. leave the acid to act for 5 minutes, then carefully remove the cream with a brush: do not throw away as it can be reused for other jobs.
  6. rinse with water and remove the mask residues with alcohol.

In this way, mirrors and glass perhaps forgotten in the attic can shine with new light.

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