How to grow a vegetable garden on the windowsill

In the absence of larger spaces, too the windowsill of the window can give you the pleasure of cultivate a vegetable garden (maybe 100% organic) with small varieties, for example aromatic herbs, some medicinal plants and miniature vegetables. The most practical containers for cultivate a vegetable garden on the windowsill of the window are the common plastic crates, light and washable, generally 60x20x20 centimeters in size.

The cassettes that will contain thevegetable garden can be placed directly on sills or displayed in external (sturdy) flower boxes, always firmly fixed with special pot holders, clips and hooks so that there is no danger of the vases falling in case of wind. There are also more daring solutions such as the one in the photo, but be careful: to avoid disputes, it is good to first read the condominium regulations and obtain permission from the condominium assembly. In some cases, a municipal authorization may also be required.

The best exposure for cultivate a vegetable garden on the windowsill of the window it faces south, south-east or south-west. Obviously in the city it would be best to avoid cultivate a vegetable garden of food plants on sills windows on low floors or overlooking busy streets where the concentration of smog and fine dust is high. The opposite is the case of ornamental plants: dense vegetation is indicated precisely at the windows overlooking the street because it constitutes a barrier to dust and smog.

The plants suitable for the vegetable garden in pots on the windowsills they are the smallest ones. For tomatoes, small-fruited varieties are indicated, of which there are early varieties and slightly over 30cm in height. In addition, these tomatoes have the advantage of being very resistant to diseases, they are tasty and they produce a lot. Excellent results can be obtained with basil and all aromatic plants for cooking or herbal medicine: thyme, marjoram, sage, rosemary, mint, chives, tarragon and so on.

There preparation of the potted vegetable garden on the windowsills it can be done by buying good ready-made soil or taking some from a garden, but checking in this case that there are no parasite larvae. Given the tight spaces, it is good to simplify each operation: for sowing you can use the 'belt' system, a strip of biodegradable paper that contains the seeds at the right distance and that melts when the soil is first damp. The salad can be sown by mixing the seeds with dry sand. Or you can start from already born seedlings purchased in the nursery.

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