How to build a pergola

If we have a garden or a large terrace, it could be an interesting idea build a pergola to guarantee us shade by being outdoors. Under a pergola you can organize braciate, small parties ... ... in short, enjoy the garden without having the sun beating down on your head! In the article we will illustrate how to build a pergola, following some useful indications.

How to build a pergola, the ethical choice
There are many models of pergola but they are quite expensive. Building a pergola With your own hands it is not a difficult task, it is enough to get the necessary material and follow some indications. The most suitable material for the construction of the pergola is wood, preferably treated to resist atmospheric agents. The most ethical choice would consist in the purchase of FSC certified wood, that is derived from controlled crops and not from wild deforestation works.

How to build a pergola, directions
The most important thing is to properly anchor the structure of the pergola to the ground, so make sure to fix each pillar in the ground at a depth that guarantees the stability of the structure.
In this regard, holes will have to be dug in which the individual poles will be anchored and closed with concrete. If you want to find a less complex alternative, you can fix the vertical elements to the flooring using bolted plates. In DIY stores, however, you will find ready-made kits, to build the pergola more quickly.
To cover the pergola we can use the tiles to rest on the supporting wooden beams. Wanting to find a simpler solution, we can use light materials such as fabrics. If we love greenery we can resort to evergreen or deciduous plants. The plants we can use to cover the pergola they are bougainvillea, passionflower, or fruit plants such as vines or kiwis.

Reference to the rules: if i pergolas they are made with removable materials or built in an area not subject to landscape restrictions, they are not considered real constructions. In any case, if it is a fixed pergola it is advisable to contact the competent technical offices first.

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