How to differentiate

Do the differentiated it is the duty of all of us citizens for the purpose of protecting the environment. Thanks to differentiated it is possible to recover material to be reused without having to exploit virgin material. This is the case of aluminum, for example, which can be recycled indefinitely without having to resort to the extraction of bauxite. It goes without saying that many other materials such as plastic and paper can be recycled, so we will explain below how to differentiate correctly, avoiding the most common mistakes.

How to differentiate, the glass
Glass is a material mainly for food purposes therefore it is essential to carry out the correct disposal of it. in this regard it should be emphasized that there are materials that must be mistakenly disposed of in the glass container. This is the case of ceramics, crystal, pyrex dishes, mirrors, which contain materials that are harmful to human health and the environment such as lead. Incorrect disposal would compromise the recycling process, therefore it is good to be careful before placing the waste in the appropriate container. Before disposing of any glass object, it is preferable to rinse it with water and remove any residues such as caps, gaskets, etc.

How to differentiate, the paper
Paper and packaging cardboard must be thrown away in the special containers intended for paper disposal, taking care to remove any metal staples or cellophane. It is common to make the mistake of placing dirty handkerchiefs and napkins in the paper. This operation is wrong as they contain food residues or other that can compromise the recycling process. The same thing applies to receipts, they should not be disposed of together with the paper as they are made of thermal paper. Their disposal must be done in undifferentiated.

How to separate, the plastic
As far as plastic is concerned, all plastic packaging materials must be disposed of in the appropriate bins, i.e. glasses, flacons, bottles, glasses, plates, but also bags, films and envelopes. Therefore all plastic objects that are not used to contain, such as toys, slippers, balls, etc. they do not go into the plastic container but into the unsorted garbage container.

How to differentiate, aluminum
In the aluminum container, drink cans, foil or food trays, spray cans, tubes of toothpaste, caps must be separated.

How to differentiate, appliances and light bulbs
The materials that are part of the WEEE category must be disposed of following specific instructions as they contain substances that can harm the environment but also precious materials such as gold, palladium, copper and rare earths, which can be recovered and reused. Weee generally must be disposed of in the ecological islands prepared by the municipalities, or through door-to-door collection.

Video: An Introduction to Differentiation (January 2022).