Garden evergreens

The plants offer shade, shelter from prying eyes but not for the whole year, since in autumn they go into vegetative rest, consequently losing all their leaves. Plants evergreen instead they offer the opportunity to enjoy a green space at any time of the year. This is the case, for example, of the famous coniferous plants, which are able to keep their foliage green even in the presence of low temperatures: only the larch, among the conifers, is an exception.

Evergreens, small plants
In addition to conifers, we find broad-leaved trees such as olives, holm oaks, cork oaks, myrtle, strawberry trees and laurel, typically Mediterranean plants. It should be noted that there are evergreen trees even of small size and are very suitable in the garden to cover areas from prying eyes or as hedges to separate areas. Garden evergreens should be planted in autumn or spring, taking care to buy them in pots and not bare root to facilitate their development.

Evergreen, shrubs
Among the shrubs evergreen more common in Italian gardens we find the Viburnum, a plant that in the winter months has white flowers and then berries of an intense blue color. Another widespread shrub is the Acuba, with fiery red berries in the winter. It is a very suitable plant for hedges and is also cultivated as a decorative plant with a typical spheroidal conformation. Other shrubs are the Pyracantha, the Eucalyptus, the Eleagnus, the Laurus, the Nerium with beautiful flowers and the Lonicera.

Evergreen with flowers
There are some plants evergreen that give wonderful flowers with intense and lively colors. This is the case of Hellebore, better known as a Christmas rose, which blooms in winter. Among the shrubs we mention the Periwinkle with its white, pink or deep blue flowers in summer, St. John's Wort with yellow flowers in the summer, without neglecting lavender with its intense and fragrant flowers in shades of purple and blue.

Evergreens, the hedges
To separate certain areas in the garden, some specific evergreen plants can be used to create thick hedges. This is the case of the Privet which gives small but very fragrant flowers from May to June. Other evergreen suitable for hedges is Cherry Laurel, a plant that produces white flowers in the summer.

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