WaterBee, the automatic irrigation system

It's called WaterBee and it's a system ofautomatic irrigationthat cuts all water waste in agriculture. The system is not just a project: it is already active in 14 crops here in Europe guaranteeing awater savingby 40% and improving the quality and productivity of crops.

We have already told you about Irrduino, the irrigation system developed by the Google engineering team. The peculiarity of Irrduino is that it allows you toirrigate the gardenremotely, just have internet access to decide which plantsirrigateand how much water to release, the engineers have developed an application that allows you to manage the irrigation systemfrom your smartphone, the IrrduinoDroid App. It seems that theirrigation "Remotely" has become an object of study by many developers, it comes like this WaterBeewhich allows you towater the gardenremotely maximizing thewater saving.


Water is a precious and also a limited resource. Farmers have a duty to maximize the efficiency ofwater resourcesand cut all sorts of waste. But how do you avoid waste when it comes toirrigation of fields?

The WaterBee project could be of great help. Irrigationintelligent which incorporates networked sensors that can be monitored and managed directly from a tablet or smartphone.WaterBee it consists of a series of sensors that are able to decipher the water content of the soil and calculate the environmental parameters that affect evaporation.WaterBee takes into account the development of crops and the physiological water requirements of plants.

The data collected by the sensors is sent to a central controller with a low-power system called ZigBee. The sensors of theremote irrigation systemthey are positioned along the cultivation surface, in different areas (according to the differentwater needsof the field). A GPRS gateway sends all data to a central web service which, using analysis software, can selectively activate only some irrigation nodes. The result? Plants will beirrigateonly when needed, without waste!


A means ofautomation of irrigationso efficient it can actually cut a waste of water, plus the ability to monitorirrigations from the smartphone will help growers increase their yields by reducing irrigation costs. The system of automatic irrigation it has been structured to integrate perfectly with the line of the European INSPIRE Directive.

Video: HINDI How to make Automatic Plant Watering System Using Arduino Uno u0026 Soil Sensor EASILY! (November 2021).