Electric buses, where are we?

The future of transport is electrically powered ". This sentence is perhaps true for Italy but in other countries ielectric transportthey are already a reality even when it comes to public transport. Theelectric busesthey are timidly spreading, there are many pilot programs already active in the world and also in Europe. Italy can count on small businesses such as that of the historic center of Rome where there are childrenelectric busestake advantage of salt batteries developed by the Italian FIAMM.

If those who circulate in the historic center of Rome can be defined as gods mini-bus electrical (to be clear, these are small minibuses), in Germany they are already in circulationelectric buses.The German pilot project has already started for some time. The initiative was financed by the German government with a sum of 3.3 million euros. The goal is to make Germany the leading country ofelectric mobility.

Thebus they complete a fixed, predetermined number of kilometers every day. The route is always the same so it is easy to program stop and travel times. With careful planning it is not difficult to imagine the operating logic of theelectric buses.California knows something about it that has launched a system offast chargingforelectric buses. L'electric busit recharges in 10 minutes each time it reaches the terminus. Electric charging allows thebusto travel the interposed route between one terminus and the other. California, to make the most of the potential of the public transit network, is rolling out stops forbuswith integrated photovoltaic canopy, in this first moment thepowerproduced bysolar panelsit is used to power the traffic light network, a wi-fi line and the lighting of the shelter but soon such systems will provide wireless charging forelectric buseswhen stopping.

On the roads of Utah it is possible to see the formerelectric buswhich recharges during bus stops wirelessly. The vehicle began its activity in 2012, it is theAggie electric bus and was developed by the USU team of researchers. Electric buses can also be enjoyed in Switzerland, England and other parts of the United States.

Video: Electric bus revolution. WWF-Australia (January 2022).