Instructions for building wooden wind turbines

Instructions for building wooden wind turbines

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We have already seen how to build a wind turbine but today we will return to the subject with an even greener approach: we will see how build wind turbines Wood. The instructions refer to a wind rotor with three shovels, the turbine can be used to drive a low-speed magnet alternator that allows the production of clean energy.

Instructions for build the rotor a three blades have been developed by the Scoraig Wind Electric guide which clarified all the technical specifications of the shovels:
-diameter of 2.3 meters
- Tip Speed ​​Ratio of about 5.5
-it's possible build shovels smaller or larger by multiplying all the measures by a single constant. The TSR (Tip Speed ​​Ratio) will remain around 5.5.

How to build a wooden wind turbine, all the work tools

  • Tools for wood carving: hand or fretsaw, chisel and hammer, planer and rasp
  • Two-handled knife
  • Measuring tools: caliper, compasses, square, flexible tape measure, ruler
  • Pencil
  • Spirit level
  • Drill with 4.8 and 25 mm fuses

How to build a wooden wind turbine, everything you need

  • 3 pieces of wood for the construction of the blades. Ideal measurements are 150 x50mm for a length of 1150mm (6 ″ x 2 ″ x 39 ″). For the choice of wood, prefer the softer one without knots or resins. For the woodworking we always proceed according to the grain so as to prevent it from splintering, for this reason choose well seasoned wood (dry) and with straight grain. The ideal would be Oregon pine wood even if it is a rather expensive quality.
  • 2 plywood discs, 12mm thick for a diameter of 300mm. You can find these discs at a shipyard that works with boats. If you buy them from Ikea or similar, make sure it is plywood for outdoor or marine use.
  • 4 bolts M8x90mm
  • 48 wood screws 10 × 1.5 ″

To work with wood e build the blades, clamp the pieces of wood to a workbench using the special G clamps. Use sharp tools and, if one of these should get stuck, try to move it obliquely: a cutting movement of this type produces greater control.

We start with the construction of the blades making a first vertical notch and twisting. The discs will need to be used to assemble the rotor. Once the work is finished it will be possible to paint the shovels and treat the front edges with epoxy resins or with a resistant tape.

The complete illustration guide is available in PDF format at this address. For those who want to learn how to carve wood, here some advice

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