Tax concessions for the condominium

A good steward of condominium it must aim at containing costs and guaranteeing the best usability of common services. Inquire about the presence of concessions and be updated about the rules necessary for the management ofcondominium fees is a key requirement for administer a condominium.

Every condominium is obliged to support and preserve the building so as to safeguard a common interest in proportion to the ownership of each. At the time of the assembly of condominiums, based on the principle of prevalence of the majority, you can start planning maintenance and renovation works by exploiting the concessionsin force.

Thecondominium, annually, it must issue the single certification which certifies the total amount paid in the previous year. With the arrival of the ecobonus, i condominiums are entitled to concessions with deductions of up to 65 percent.

Thus, for expenses documented and incurred starting from 1 July 2013 and until 20 June 2014, i condominiums can access deductions. The interventions that are entitled to concessions are those of renovation that improve the energy efficiency of the building.

In other words, what are the interventions that are entitled to subsidies?

  • insulation of vertical opaque structures
  • horizontal opaque structures
  • installation of windows including frames installed together with thermoregulation systems or thermostatic valves
  • expenses for the purchase and installation of condensing boilers

All the details about the concessions for jobs in conodinium, are available with publication in Official Gazette of the law decree n. 63 of 4 June 2013.

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