Software to read eBooks on PC or MAC

Aebook is the digital version of the classic paper books, so theebookYes they canto readon any media capable of to read the storage format of theebook (pub, pdf, doc…). TheebookYes they can read on pcor on the special ebook readers, designed to make reading easier.

The most popular format forebookis the so-called EPUB. Who wantsread an ebook on a pche will have to have a software capable of opening this format. The software forread ebooks on pcare numerous and free, among others it is possible to download - from the portal - the program "Adobe Digital Editions "forread ebooks both on PCboth on Mac.

Among the readers of ebookmost loved by the digital people is the Amazon Kindle that allows you to search by words, use a dictionary, organize lists and collections, customize fonts and colors and the ability to add annotations and bookmarks. Kindle is available for WIndows 7, Vista and XP and can be downloaded from the Amazon portal.

BetweenPC ebook readers older, we see Microsoft Reader, among its flaws we see that it fails to to read all formats of ebook and imposes limits on viewing pages. Another very popular software is MartView which allows you to fold the "pages of the ebook" by moving the cursor, you can turn them quickly or slowly, change the orientation of the book and many other things. MartView is available for both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. To mention other software that allow you toread ebooks on PCwe would like to point out Bilo (reads xps, epub and PDF extensions) and Caliber, another free program available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Programs forread ebooks on PC:
Adobe Digital Editions by
Kindle for PC by Kindle at

To compare the ecological impact of aebookwith that of a paper book, we refer you to this article.

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