Energy saving in the data center

Energy saving in the data center

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A robust push to the energy saving it could come from better management of data center business. Today IT infrastructures absorb 15% of the total consumption of energy produced and this largely depends on data center, that is, the premises (but they can be entire buildings) where companies keep the servers (computers) which, among other things, are the basis for the functioning of the internet.

Today there are 7.5 million data center which represent 1% of humanity's energy consumption. And the percentage is constantly growing in the face of the increasingly massive use of digital technologies whose operational heart is represented precisely by data center. If it is true as it is true that in the energy saving there is a resource for companies (which can invest the money saved), the energy saving of the data center is the priority of priorities.

The energy saving is a very important issue for anyone who runs a data center, big or small. The servers work 24 hours a day, the power supply must be guaranteed for 100% of the operating time. Not only that, the machines, in addition to consuming, disperse large amounts of heat (i.e. energy) and the rooms in which they are located must be properly air-conditioned to ensure activity.

Technologies for save energy in the data center exist. For example, low-dispersion cables, integrated photovoltaics, heat reuse systems and free cooling systems which, with the use of outside air, allow traditional air conditioning systems to be kept off for up to almost 300 days a year.

And there are also virtuous cases. All the above precautions have been adopted for example by the company InAsset by Pasian di Prato, in the province of Udine, which manages a 1,800m2 data center to provide hosting, housing, backup and disaster recovery services for hundreds of client companies. The investments will allow the company to save money and avoid the production of 105 tons of CO₂ per year. The structure will be qualified shortly Green Data Center.

Video: Energy Efficiency and Green Data Center. Eni Video Channel (May 2022).


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