How to fix a bike tire

How to fix a bike tire

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Have you ever happened to puncture the rubber of your bike or to find it already pierced? Well, it would be enough to go to a tire dealer and in a few minutes the wheel is as good as new. What if there are no tire dealers nearby? Maybe one is there but it's closed! Not for this you will have to give up your usual pedaling, all you have to do is equip yourself with one of those little ones kit to repair the holes in the inner tube ......... and in less than half an hour you will be on the track with the wheel as good as new. To purchase the kit, simply go to DIY stores or bicycle dealers. The kit contains: rubber lever, putty, various patches, sandpaper sheets. We will show you below how to repair rubber following the instructions step by step.

Rubber repair kit, the instructions

  1. Lay the bicycle on the ground, remove the wheel then completely remove the air chamber with holes from the wheel using the rubber lever
  2. Detect the hole by inflating the air chamber and sliding it over your face or by immersing the air chamber in a basin of water to spot the hole through the escape of bubbles
  3. Once the hole has been identified, mark the point where the rubber loses air or makes bubbles: first make sure that there are no other holes
  4. Then dry the air chamber thoroughly if it had been placed in the basin
  5. Pass the fine sandpaper over the area where the hole has been identified to make the mastic adhere better
  6. Completely deflate the chamber and put some putty on the area where the patch will be applied
  7. Free the patch from the protective film by not touching the adhesive part
  8. Place the patch on the hole by pressing firmly on it with a movement from the center towards the outside
  9. Wait a couple of minutes and let the patch adhere to the putty by pressing hard
  10. Maintain the pressure by placing a weight on it for a few minutes: if desired, it is also possible to keep it pressed with one foot

After a few minutes the air chamber will be ready to be reassembled under the tire.