Toad in the garden

Toad in the garden

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There are those who want atoad in the gardenand who has it and considers it an unwanted guest! Sure atoad in the gardenit can be a problem if there are other pets, for example, the very commontoadbufo bufo has a back characterized by toxic secretions which if they come into contact with mucous membranes can represent a serious risk for the health of dogs and cats. In other words, if a dog licks the back of thetoadit can go against convulsions and fits, symptoms include a swollen mouth and tongue.

If having atoad in the gardenrepresents a risk for small pets, this is a real panacea for plants and for the vegetable garden. THEfrogsthey eat a large amount of insects, do not worry if they dig holes in pots or between your crops, they do it to protect themselves from the sun's rays and not to get dehydrated.

If atoadspontaneously arrives in yoursgardenit is because it is considered pollution-free, it may just be an honor for you! THEfrogsparticularly suffer from environmental pollution and are rather delicate, to improve their habitat you can mulch your crops and increase the amount of moisture present in thegarden. On the contrary if you wishmove awayatoadfrom yoursgardennaturally, you will have to make your environment as dry and arid as possible.

To improve the habitat of the toad, increase the shadow areas of thegarden,try adding small amounts of water and preserving moisture with techniques such as mulching. THE frogs they can also be attracted with garden sprayers that provide the daily amount of water. They are also very attracted by the abundant presence of worms, crickets and other insects. A pool of artificial water could be perfect for the well-being of toads, the water must be clean and certainly not a deep pool, a tub will be perfect.

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