Natural deodorant for the body: how to prepare it yourself

Yes you can make yourself a great one natural deodorant for the body ad is also very easy and cheap. Not that i body deodorants on the market are not valid, there are excellent ones and above all of all kinds, but on closer inspection it takes very little to get a natural deodorant mixing two or three basic ingredients well.

The result will be a eco-bio deodorant for the body tailor-made for you, because you will have prepared it yourself, a little more delicate or a little more intense to your liking, natural in the ingredients and free of the aggressive and irritating substances found in many deodorants on the market. The wallet will also say thank you.

Before the recipe of the DIY deodorant, still some information. Soaps, creams, creams, perfumes, deodorants: do we know what the stuff we spread on ourselves contains? If soap is aggressive, it upsets the natural acid balance of the skin, making it vulnerable to germs and chemicals. THE deodorants they destroy the flora that protects the skin, and the antiperspirants that use zinc and aluminum salts to block perspiration from the pores prevent the escape of toxins.

The natural and economical alternative for an excellent product natural deodorant for the body is at your fingertips. For a natural deodorant powder there are orange peel, lemon and rhizome of iris, precisely reduced to powder, which can be used as talc; or you can use simple sodium bicarbonate, which minimizes odors and absorbs perspiration.

If you prefer a natural cream deodorant Get yourself a jar of neutral natural moisturizer, preferably a little liquid, and add a few drops of natural scented essence. After mixing and blending the solution will have become an excellent deodorant, but it will have cost you less than buying a deodorant scented.

For a natural spray deodorant, they still use the good old baking soda. Put a spoonful in a glass of water, stir, let it melt and rest for about an hour. At this point, pour into a sprayer, retaining any base that has not dissolved and add a few drops of scented essence.

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