Aluminum bicycles, between alloys and characteristics

To build aaluminum bicyclean amount of material equivalent to 800 cans is required. In the panorama ofaluminum bicyclesthere is no shortage of models made with recycled materials, however, when it comes toaluminum bicyclesthere is no reference to pure metal: the bicycle frameit is made with aluminum alloys for mechanical processing (identified with 4-number codes) or foundry processing (identified with 5-number codes).

If we are considering the purchase of onealuminum bicycle, better focus on the identification code of theLeaguethat we are going to choose. Alloys can contain a higher or lower percentage ofaluminumcombined with another metal that determines the characteristics such as resistance to wear and corrosion, workability, resistance to deformation ... We thus have:

  • 1xxx - very resistant to corrosion and easily deformed. It is aboutpure aluminum.The percentage of aluminum it ranges from 99.9 percent up to 99.5 percent.
  • 2xxx - alloyed with copper so as to obtain frames with good resistance to mechanical stress. Unfortunately, the alloy with copper offers a modest resistance to corrosion.
  • 3xxx - bound with manganese.
  • 4xxx - combined with silicon.
  • 5xxx - alloyed with magnesium in order to obtain the best compromise between resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion.
  • 6xxx - mix ofaluminum, magnesium and silicon. The result is a frame that is particularly resistant to wear and very easy to work with.
  • 7xxx - combined with zinc to create a frame with excellent mechanical strength
  • 8xxx - this abbreviation identifies special and / or experimental alloys. There are numerous types of alligants, from scandium to lithium… they are more "innovative" but also less known solutions. By purchasing onealuminum bicycle8xxx you might find surprises.

Thealuminum bicycles6xxx (for example, 6061…) usually, are characterized by aframewith more complex geometries precisely because the Al-Mg-Si alloy (Aluminum, magnesium and silicon) is extremely easy to extrude.

To make the price ofaluminum bicyclesit is not only the chosen alloy but also the type of processing and the complexity of the frame. For abiketop range inaluminumthe expense should not exceed 1,800 euros (see Canyon for top range). A good entry level inaluminumit can cost around 300 euros with a weight of about 9 kg per frame 48).

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