New European Law 17/93 for the collection of WEEE

On 4 September 2013 the new one comes into force European law 17/93 which clarifies and makes the simplifications for the collection of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) by the distribution.

What changes in Italy in the collection of WEEE? Change for example that the transport of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment at the collection center can take place when the collected quantity reaches for each grouping the 3,500 kilograms.

Compared to the previous DM 65/2010, reference legislation before the entry into force of the Law 17/93, the overall quantity refers to the individual groups R1 (cold and climate), R2 (other large whites) and R3 (TV and monitor), while for R4 (small electronic equipment) and R5 (light sources) the 3,500 kilograms refer to together of the two groupings.

Other relevant news of the European law 17/93 are the abolition of the transport limit - previously established at 6,000 kg - which heavily restricted logistics activities, and a definitive clarification on the possibility of receiving WEEE collected from distribution by authorized collection centers with ordinary methods (pursuant to Ministerial Decree 152/2006).

The bodies responsible for the collection of WEEE, such as the REMEDIA Consortium, have already made it known that in their opinion the transposition of the new Directive WEEE it will most likely make it necessary to intervene in a more incisive way in simplifying the collection system. This is the thought of Danilo Bonati, General Manager of REMEDIA.

However, the same entities, first of all REMEDIA, are convinced that the changes introduced will make the management of WEEE, helping to increase collection volumes and ultimately improving the service offered to consumers.

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