The Recycling Festival in the temple of Milanese shopping

Corso Buenos Aires is the heart of Milanese shopping and one of the most important shopping streets in Europe, with over 350 shops, over 100,000 people in transit every day and a sales turnover comparable to that of a large industry. It is also a temple of consumerism and, alas, of waste. Here because Sunday 8 September will take place here the Festival of Recycling and Environmental Sustainability.

There Festival of Recycling and Environmental Sustainability on Sunday 8 September it will repeat the format successfully tested in previous editions of Milan San Siro and Lissone in Brianza, further enriched for the occasion. The event is promoted by the Association of Merchants of Corso Buenos Aires AscoBaires (member of Confcommercio Milano) with the creative support of the company Activate.

What is the Festival of Recycling and Environmental Sustainability? It is a cycle of events that aims to involve citizens on environmental issues by proposing 6 areas-paths (see below) that are prepared along the entire street thanks to the contribution of traders. Dominant theme: the recycling, backbone of sustainability. Milan, for those who do not know, is a candidate to become the European capital (city category) of recycling. Many municipalities in the hinterland have already (for years) already very high percentages of differentiated.

Move Eco! We are on the eve of European Week of Sustainable Mobility (from 16 to 22 September) and the Recycling Festival gives ample space to this theme by providing citizens with a path for testing electric vehicles and hosting the Gathering of the Milanese pioneers of electric mobility. They can be proven Renault electric cars And the society A2A it will ensure the recharging of the batteries thanks to the columns installed in the city.

Live Eco! In Corso Buonos Aires there will be many realities that deal with photovoltaics, thermo-heating systems, eco-sustainable design and furniture, organic products and natural products, ecological holidays and more.

Don't Call It Junk! He'll be there Comieco, the National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging, with an exclusive laboratory to teach children to produce new paper starting from separate collection. The IED - European Institute of Design will propose the project CicloCargo for waste collection with special bikes.

Reciclopolis! Metropolitana Milanese, the company that manages the water service in the city, will be present with a Mobile Laboratory to involve children in games and experiments that explain the path of water, from the underground to our homes.

RegenerateART! Several artists with their works will create a large outdoor exhibition, some presenting their works others performing 'live' performances: Guido M. Poggiani (creator of RigenerART), Carlo Cazzaniga, Sarhtori, Agostina Pallone, Sandra Faggiano, Carlo Lombard.

Scrap Party! The market area could not be missing, where the artisans of reuse will offer beautiful, useful or simply curious objects using materials that are perhaps unthinkable to be recycled: vinyl that becomes bags, leftovers of glassware that become mirrors, coffee pods transformed into earrings.

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