How to eliminate hazardous waste

The use of chemicals obtained from oil processing produces Hazardous waste or harmful to the environment. Bleach, degreasers, metal polishes or thinners discharged into the sink or toilet, for example, contaminate drinking water. Eliminate hazardous waste in a safe way means to give them to an organized collection center (the Municipalities should set them up) and at the same time respect some simple rules of good behavior.

How to dispose of hazardous waste? First of all, natural household products should be used whenever possible (with baking soda and vinegar you can do many things ...). If you can't do otherwise, buy products that contain only minimal amounts of toxic chemicals and avoid hyper-aggressive 'concentrates'. In any case, it is good to respect some general rules.

Do not throw away partially used containers and keep substances in the original container, making sure the cap is tightly closed, until it can be safely disposed of. Never pour petrol, oils and lubricating fluids down the drain (these substances are considered Hazardous waste and must absolutely be disposed of at an equipped collection center).

Do not buy sprayed household products or only buy CFC-free products. Use the contents until the end and throw away the aerosols only when they are empty because the contents explode when overheated, spreading chemical fumes in the air similar Hazardous waste. Here are some rules for remove some types of Hazardous waste.

Polishes and detergents for furniture, floors and metals, oil paints, bleaches and mordants. It is forbidden, by law and common sense, to get rid of these Hazardous waste throwing them away, including empty containers. You have to give them to a collection center (including containers): if there is no one nearby, press the Municipality to have it set up. Alternatively, load the waste in the car and go to the nearest collection point, it doesn't matter if there are many kilometers.

Ammonia based detergents, bleaches, disinfectants, flea sprays, mothballs, oven cleaners. They should not be poured down the drain, but used to the end, then eliminating the containers together with household waste. If you are unable to use the content completely, dispose of it as per i Hazardous waste above.

Water paint. In this case, the contents can be dried and solidified in the air and then disposed of the container by combining it with other household waste.

Video: Safe Storage and Handling of Hazardous Waste (January 2022).