Green Jobs: only sustainable jobs!

From green economy and non-profit, is an online job board that crosses supply and demand, as long as they are sustainable. The ecological and ethical values ​​must be clear for those who want to participate, then: may the best win. Thing? A job, but not just any one. Greenjobs it is for those who want to distinguish. Matteo Plevano tell how it works and who is welcome.

1) When and with what goal was Greenjobs born? was born in 2009 with the aim of collecting the job opportunities offered by the green economy and the non-profit. wants to be a piece of a sustainable economy, attentive to the social, on the model of Yunus' social business. A great industrial revolution is underway, very similar to those of previous centuries, which implies the sustainable reconversion of the economy and society. In this scenario, the concept of work also changes and becomes more and more a tool for self-realization and above all for the construction of a new company. We propose ourselves as a piece that facilitates this change.

2) What characteristics must an advertisement have to be published on Greenjobs?

The advertisements published have the common characteristic of having a positive impact on the environment or on society. For example, the accountant of the renewable energy company, the wind engineer or the energy manager of a bank are all offers that can be published on This is why we publish both advertisements for green companies or non-profit organizations, or advertisements for non-green companies but for positions that still have an impact on the environment and society.

3) Why did you decide to focus in this way?

To allow those who want to contribute to the green revolution to look for work among offers consistent with this philosophy. Contact is direct with the company, Greenjobs in fact it lends itself as a simple bulletin board, the company contact will then evaluate the applications. On the other hand, we allow companies to search for candidates who have an additional motivation in addition to money to live: people who have values ​​consistent with the company's business and who are therefore more involved and motivated.

4) What is the most popular sector?

The renewable energy sector it has always been the driving force; in the last period we have seen the growth of job opportunities in non-profit organizations.

5) What are the figures most requested by companies?

Technical profiles, such as electrical, energy, mechanical engineers or commercial figures such as agents or commercial technicians.

6) Which Italian regions are the most active?

The distribution of job offers is quite transversal between north and south. Regions such as Trentino Alto Adige, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy are particularly active from this point of view.

7) How has the employment situation changed in your sector?

There has been a significant increase in offers in the sector of renewable energies from 2009 to 2011, in particular in photovoltaic, followed by a drastic decline. This is due to the trend of incentives that have played a key role in the development of the sector, but which have proved to be inconstant. In general, we can say that the green work, although it was also affected by the general crisis, it was decidedly more dynamic than the traditional market, offering numerous opportunities in various sectors.

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