The impact of heat islands on the climate

Theclimate changeit is mainly caused by energy production and deforestation activities. Man, burningfossil fuelsaffects theclimatein two different ways; the direct route involves direct heat emissions closely linked to the production of energy and combustion, indirectly, we are talking aboutgreenhouse gasesand other pollutants that by interfering with the exchange of energy between the Earth and the Universe, produces a final effect that sees the heat trapped in the lower layers of the atmosphere.

When it comes toclimate changeusually refers togreenhouse effect, however, by inserting data on direct heat emission into the atmosphere in climate models, various phenomena can be explainedclimaticwhich see local temperature values ​​that differ from the global average trend.

Don't be fooled by the word "local", the direct emission of heat has an effectclimaticon entire continents. To highlight this was the study conducted by a team of US scientists and published inNature Climate Change.

The direct emissions of heat given by human activities (traffic in the transport sector, energy plants…) form the so-calledheat islands“, this is why the city center is always hotter than the surrounding countryside. The impact ofheat islandsproduces aclimate changewith the rise in temperature reaching +1 degree in the energy production districts.

The team of scientists of G.J. Zhang and collaborators saw that, in particular, even if the impact of direct heat emissions negligibly affects the global average temperature, the effectheat islandit can bring about drastic changes in individual areas of the globe. In conclusion, when it comes toclimate changedirect heat emissions into the atmosphere cannot be neglected: until now, the climate model did not consider direct heat emissions, so the projections found differed greatly from reality. With the addition of these new data, it will be possible to have much more reliable projections about the future of the climate both globally and on individual regions of the planet.

Video: Climate Change in Hawaii - Heat Island Effect (October 2021).