Vegan restaurants in Milan

Who is on the hunt forvegan restaurants in Milanhe is spoiled for choice. You prefer to eatcappellacci with porcini mushroomsorsoups with seasonal vegetables? Sophisticated or simpler dishes? The choices are numerous and the menus huge.Eating vegan in Milanit is possible for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Below is a list of some of thevegan restaurants in Milan, the list is not complete, we have only selected thevegan restaurantswith excellent criticism from the public.

Ghea, via Valenza 5
Let's start with breakfast with Ghea, a restaurant in via Valenza 5, Navigli area. Ghea offers sweet almond or soy cappuccinos. Numerous cruelty free, fruit and centrifuged drinks. There is no shortage of dishes for lunchvegans and those who prefer can stop forvegan happy hour. The restaurant holds some agreements with associations, companies and naturopathic schools.

Govinda, via Valpetrosa 5
This is the restaurant of the Harekrsna cultural center, avegetarian restaurantwhich offers numerous choicesVegan.

The Sana Golavia Carlo Farini 70
Open Monday to Friday, the restaurant offers onlyvegan cuisine. Take-away dishes are available and there is a home delivery service. Sugar-free desserts, cuelty free foods, macrobiotic cuisine and only organic and seasonal products. Sunday mornings do not miss aEthical and organic brunch from 12 to 15. In reality, the restaurants of La Sana Gola in Milan are two, one is the one mentioned, in via Farini, the other is located at the Hotel Boscolo in Corso Matteoli 6 and is called LSG (the healthy throat ) Downtown.

The two of usviale Col di Lana 1
It is avegetarian restaurantwhich offers numerous choicesVegan. Natural, vegetarian, vegan and organic cuisine. The public claims that the prices are affordable and the portions abundant, located in the Navigli area.

Radicetondavia Spallanzani 16
Thevegan restaurantoffers complete and organic menus: soups, first courses, main courses, teas, beers, desserts… Recommended is the carrot and almond cake accompanied by kukicha tea. It is avegan restaurantvery busy: Porta Venezia area.

Bio & Youvia Millelire 14
Located in the historic center of Milan, Bio & Tè offers organic, vegetable and vegan cuisine. It offers balanced, tasteful and healthy dishes. Don't miss thevegan pastry!

La Susina, via Lagrange 15
Open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8.30pm. Also great for just a snack! In this place you are spoiled for choice, juices, smoothies, drinks and ... delicious veg desserts!