SMAU Mob App Awards 2013

Rome leads the ranking of geeks ahead of Milan, Turin, Bari and Bologna. Followed by Brescia, Treviso, Florence, Modena, Padua and Pescara. This is the geography of creative fertility according to SMAU Mob App Awards, the contest that rewards the creation of the best Apps (already working or under development) based on new generation mobile devices (new tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Apps are software created specifically for mobile devices, similar to traditional applications but lightened to the bone. From Rome they have nominated 57 of them to the Awards of SMAU 2013, from Milan 55 and Turin 20, the other cities follow for a total of almost 400 one week after the closing of registrations. In 2012 the participants were 512 and the previous year 266 for a total of over 1200 Apps presented in the last three years.

Among the creators of the SMAU Mob App Awards there are already existing companies, startups and even numerous independent developers. App Consumers, ie intended directly for the end user, and Business App intended for companies can be nominated. The former can range from games to information, from travel to the Internet of things and more; for the latter the categories have been designed: salesforce; workforce & fieldforce; business intelligence & analytics.

What do you win? No money, but the participants selected for the final round of SMAU Mob App Awards will have the opportunity to present their APP to a sector audience of hundreds of people (almost 300 last year) during the final awards ceremony on Friday 25 October 2013 in Milan, within SMAU Milan 2013. The regulation included two special prizes for the best among developers under 25 and a female entrepreneur.

For all participants there will be a copy of the Mobile Developers Directory 2012, a publication aimed at giving visibility to the community of Italian developers to support the meeting between supply and demand. The contest is promoted by PoliHub, by the ICT & Management Observatories of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano and by SMAU.

To apply for the contest (until October 1st) CLICK HERE

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