Photovoltaic, on-site exchange

As an alternative to the production of electricity from fossil fuels, there is that produced by photovoltaic systems which, thanks to the use of silicon panels and / or other material, it is possible to capture the sun's rays to convert it into electricity. With the installation of photovoltaic power between 1 kw / p and 200 kw / p it is possible access the exchange on the spot.

What does it consist of exchange on the spot?
With the exchange on the spot you have the possibility of being able to use the current produced by the plant for its own uses and divert the surplus electricity to the distribution network.

What do you get with the exchange on the spot in economic terms?
At the end of the calendar year, the local grid distributor will make a balance between the current introduced by the photovoltaic system and that taken from the distribution network. If the electricity injected into the network from your system is greater than that taken, the network distributor proposes two solutions:

  1. Put the surplus kw in a sort of "virtual piggy bank" to then be able to use them in the following three years at a discount in case the energy withdrawn is greater than that introduced
  2. Cash settlement on customer account credit of the kw in excess of the market value of the Power Exchange with respect to the customer's area of ​​residence. The balance will thus be cleared and you can start from scratch. If the customer has withdrawn more current than entered, the network distributor will send the bills to the customer, with the related payment request.

What are the benefits with it exchange on the spot?

  • This will result in a reduction in your current electricity bill: not complete elimination as at night and in the winter seasons the photovoltaic system does not produce and / or produces little.
  • Economic remuneration of the electricity produced by your plant when not in use.

It should be noted that even with the exchange on the spot you have the option of keeping your own electricity supplier and / or switching to another one on the free market that offers more favorable economic conditions.

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