Urban garden: the aromatic ones exceed the flowers

Urban garden: the aromatic ones exceed the flowers

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Basil, thyme and rosemary have surpassed roses, daisies and geraniums on our balconies, corners transformed into urban gardens with an increasingly alimentary connotation. There are 23 million Italians who cultivate herbs aromatic compared to 20 million working with plants and flowers; in addition, 24% of Italians cultivate fruit plants and 33% (1 Italian out of 3) have a small vegetable garden. The numbers are by Doxa-Assobirra in a research carried out in 2013.

A Urban garden it is a gratifying choice for one's psychophysical well-being and to enrich the everyday table with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Even when fromvegetable garden on the balcony it is not possible to obtain a production of quantity, the aids provided by the flavors and by the herbs they bring into the home a new way of approaching food based on healthy cuisine, with low environmental and economic impact.

A Urban garden can arise on the balcony, in the common area of ​​the condominium, on public land, in the company, at school ... and the reason that pushes to do so is above all the satisfaction of eating something made with one's own hands (46%) followed by the desire to save on '' purchase of fruit and vegetables (22%).

Who practices gardening, which to say it is more elegant than make the vegetable garden, usually prefers natural things. Since AssoBirra collaborated in the above research, it is normal to refer to this ancient drink to say, for example, that lovers ofvegetable garden in the house they love beer more (and know it better) than those who don't have a green thumb.

According to research 3 enthusiasts of vegetable garden & surroundings out of 4 (74% versus 68% of those who declare they do not even have a plant at home) consume beer, perceive it as a natural drink compatible with a green lifestyle and also know how to serve it in a workmanlike manner. Beer is indeed an excellent accompaniment to recipes from the garden, usually characterized by delicate flavors, and its history makes it a natural and ecological drink.

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