Solutions for setting up a vegetable garden on the balcony

Solutions for setting up a vegetable garden on the balcony

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Those who live in the city and do not have a garden for growingvegetable garden, can always exploit balconies and terraces. Set up avegetable gardenin a small space it is a tough but not impossible undertaking. Who has abalconywhich has at least 5-6 hours of direct sun exposure, can give birth to a real onevegetable gardendomestic. L'vegetable garden on the balconyit must necessarily be of a biological nature: the use of pesticides and other chemical compounds in an area so close to the living space is highly discouraged.

What do you need to start avegetable garden on the balcony?
The first thing to do is go hunting for containers or other solutions to set up thevegetable garden. The choice will have to fall between planters, vases, boxes and vertical gardens of different nature. The most daring, to make the most of every centimeter, can adopt all the solutions listed above: the planters placed just after the balcony railing. Hanging vases lying on the ceiling, caissons and vases on the floor and vertical gardens on the walls!

Classic soil boxes have great potential, are simple to manage but often represent an excessive footprint. As stated, those who want to make the most of the space cancultivatevegetables and greens in hanging pots or by setting up a vertical garden. In this article we have explained to you how to use old pallets to grow a vegetable garden in small spaces, today we remain onbalconyat home to see another low cost (and low impact) solution to bringvegetable garden on the balcony.

The classic PVC pipes, used on construction sites, could do for us. If you notice an active construction site, you can ask for pvc pipes as waste materials, carpenters will not hesitate to give you material destined for landfill. If you feel like spending some pennies, don't go to the construction site but go to a DIY store.

To achieve thevegetable garden on the balconyyou will need 2 tubes with a diameter of 20 cm and 2 meters in length. You will need some wire, universal glue and 100 liters of soil, two plastic bottles. You will also need work tools such as an electric jigsaw that can cut PVC pipes into two equal halves, and a drill to drill it.

At this point the procedure is intuitive: cut the tubes in half lengthwise. Drill the pipes to allow the water to drain. Fix the four halves obtained to the wall by hooking them with the wire. Plug the side ends of the tubes with plastic bottles cut in half and fixed with glue. Fill the tubes with fertile soil and use them to grow spinach, strawberries, lettuce or parsley.

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