Rabbits, the best breeds for breeding

We have already seen what thebreeds of rabbitsbest for a domestic breeding, so we talked about the Argentata di Champagne, fromrabbitVienna Blue, delrabbitCalifornia and New Zealand White, oneracevery widespread in the field of industrial rabbit breeding since it reaches an average weight of 5 kg, it has a yield of 64% with strong aptitudes for meat production. In addition to those just mentioned, what are thebreeds of rabbitswith the best performance?

Anci, the National Association of Italian Glyculturists, offers descriptive cards that provide the main characteristics of the variousrabbit breeds, it is starting from these characteristics that it is possible to draw up a list ofStingraybest to start a breeding ofrabbitssmall size.

The Piebald Giant
That of the Pied Giant is oneraceheavy. Here irabbitsadults exceed the weight of 6 kg and the yield is 55%. The breeding of thisraceit is especially recommended for reproductive purposes. To obtain high yields erabbitswith an excellent weight, the Pied Giant can be crossed with all the others Stingray below.

The Belgian Hare
Despite the name, we are not talking about a hare but a harebreed of rabbit. The appearance of this rabbitrace recalls the typical morphological characteristics of a hare. The hair is reddish with brown shades. Thisraceit is very rustic and is better suited for free-range farming rather than cage farming. The weight of an adult specimen varies between 3.5 and 4 kg. The yield is 55%.

The Burgundy Fawn
Thisraceit is famous for the flavor of its meat and for its rusticity. Therabbitit has no hair on the plantar area of ​​the legs, so it is not recommended to keep it in a cage unless it is done first with the addition of plastic strips. The weight of adult animals is around 4.5 kg, in this case the yield is about 60%.

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