How to keep pigeons away

How to keep pigeons away: effective techniques, traps, baits and natural remedies to keep pigeons away from home and garden.

Carla has a problem, she doesn't knowhow to keep pigeons awayfrom his condominium, so the birds continue to flutter and abandon bisognini on his balcony. THElittle onesthey invaded Carla's garden and undermine the serenity of the green spaces. There are definitive ways todrive away the pigeonsfrom home?

The problem of droppings ofpickaxeon window sills and balconies it is very common. In these cases it doesn't matter how much the landlord may be animal rights and bird fan: ipicksthey can bring a large number of diseases in addition to dirtying the spaces in which they rest, it will be necessarydrive them away.

How to keep pigeons away

For drive away pigeons, on the market there are baits and traps. Baits generally consist of feed and poison. Unfortunately, the pigeons poisoned can become prey to dogs and cats who would end up poisoning themselves. We advise against the use of poisonous baits or traps. More than eliminate the little ones you should look for definitive remedies to remove them from home. For permanently eliminate pigeons you have to act on what attracts them to your home.

Remedies for pigeons:eliminate all food sources

Sixpigeonsthey keep fluttering in the same area is because they consider it a source of food. If you have the habit of placing the bowl with dog or cat food on the balcony or down the door, be very careful!

Pets don't usually empty the bowl completely so i arrivepigeonsand scratch what is left. You will have to reduce the doses and wait for the pet to finish his meal so as to remove the bowl and wash it. Another thing that attracts these birds are the garbage cans. Make sure you close them tightly.

Remedies to keep pigeons away:eliminate the accommodation of pigeons

After cutting the food, eliminate the accommodation! Inspect the areas, if you find traces of excrement, look up, you will see the accommodation of thepigeon! These birds usually stop near eaves, on top of pillars or along the edges of the roof. Any area can be closed or made inaccessible by metal nets, nails or by special devices, the anti-pigeon strips. These are strips with metal spikes that can be applied to any surface.

The anti-pigeon strips act as "bollards", thus they represent the definitive, ecological and "peaceful" remedy: in short, to ward off pigeons it is not necessary to use poison or think about all the costs of eliminating them. These bollards can also be adopted by the most passionate animalists: the stainless steel tips prevent birds from perching on ledges and windowsills without causing them any physical damage. We will talk about thisremedyspecific in the next paragraph.

Remedies to keep pigeons away:anti-pigeon spiked bollards

To completely eliminate any accommodation and staging areas used by pigeons, you can use structures nicknamedspiked bollardsorspiked repellents. These are long needle needles sold in kits sold by the meter.

These repellents are used to cover the perimeter of the house roof or the windowsill of the balcony, terrace or veranda. On the market there are both plastic and metal, we recommend metal ones to avoid a replacement after only one year: rain, sun and hail tend to weaken the plastic and thewood pigeonsbigger ones will have no difficulty breaking them. The situation with metal needles is quite different: more robust and durable over the years.

These pigeon repellentsthey can be easily installed with the DIY even if you must comply with all safety measures in case of roof installation.

These kits, consisting of long needles, mechanically prevent pigeons from resting on buildings. They can be mounted on eaves or window sills.

On Amazon, a ready-to-use kit (made of stainless steel) can be bought at a price of 7.85 euros.

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