Renewables, Italy 8 years ahead

Renewables, Italy 8 years ahead

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L'Italywhere is it with therenewable energies? To answer the question is the latest report onclean energythat reveals: 92.2 terawatt hours are produced with water, sun, wind, biomass and geothermal energy. As for thesolar power, the success of theItalian photovoltaicit is mainly due to small plants, just think that almost a third of the capacitysolarItalian is dictated by domestic, agricultural and small business installations.

The 92.2 terawatt hours of clean energy represent 27.1 per cent of electricity consumption in the Bel Paese, a dizzying rise if we consider that in 2008 the percentage stood at 16.8 per cent. According to the report onrenewable energiesof 2012, thegreen electricityof Italy has already reached the levels expected for 2020.

In particular, hydroelectricity produced 41.8 TWh, solar 18.8, wind 13.4, bioenergy contributed 12.4 TWh while geothermal energy produced 5.6. By 2020, the European Union should reach the goal of meeting 20 percent of electricity needs with clean energy, Italy is eight years ahead and has already completed the 20-20-20 program. When it comes to solar energy andwind energy, Italy is on the European podium.

Yet in Italy therenewablethey find themselves having to face numerous difficulties both economic - given the pressing crisis and the lack of state incentives - and bureaucratic given the lack of a streamlined and easily accessible legislature. The latest bulletin from the Market Managerenergeticpredicts that around 2015, in Italy, the ceiling will also be exceededrenewableof 110 TWh of the National Action Plan launched in 2010. Before 2020 we could go beyond 120 TWh, a target set by the National Energy Strategy set just a few months ago.

TheRenewables in Italy, in the first eight months of 2013 alone, they saw a growth of another 14 TWh, in other words, last August we were at +22 percent production fromrenewablecompared to last 2012.

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