Energy efficiency: Italy is on the right track

Energy efficiency? Italy seems on the right path if it is true, as it is true, that at the end of 2012 our country reached 65% of the savings target energetic expected in 2016. According to Rino Romani, Head of the UTEE-Technical Unit of theEnergy efficiency of ENEA, government incentives forenergy efficiency at the end of 2012 they made it possible to save 80,000 GWh of annual consumption.

The comforting data emerged during the conference 'Energy efficiency: the ideal tool to achieve the 20-20-20 objectives' organized by ENEA as part of Smart Energy Expo 2013 in Verona. He was present on behalf of the Agency Rino Romani, Head of the UTEE-Technical Unit of theEnergy efficiency.

L'energy efficiency it is linked to technological improvements, but also to conscious and responsible behavior towards energy uses. The economic benefits for users, once the improvements related to eenergy shortage, are immediately visible from the savings in the bill and for some interventions, thanks also to national and local incentive measures, the recovery of the investment takes place in the short to medium term. The objectives of theenergy efficiency they extend from the industrial sector to the commercial, transport and domestic sectors.

To do energy efficiency it is not only convenient from an environmental point of view, but also in economic terms. An example are the interventions concerning the buildings to which the EU Directive 31/2010 is dedicated: according to RSE - Research System Energetic, present at Smart Energy Expo 2013, in the case of buildings, going beyond the minimum requirements is worthwhile because the overall cost of the building is amortized in less than thirty years.

The Directive 2010/31 / EU on performance energy in construction, it pursues the goal of reducing consumption energetic and the increase in the use of power from renewable sources, aligning with the need to reduce the energy dependence of the European Union and the emission of greenhouse gases.

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