Good meal and no food waste

Good meal and no food waste

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Against the food waste here is the "Good Meal" project conceived by Here! Foundation that has created a solidarity network. Pastry shops, delicatessens, restaurants, bars: many realities united to give to the poorest food and food instead of throwing them away at the end of the day, in 2013 already 70 thousand meals "saved" and enjoyed. Gregorio Fogliani, as president of Qui! Foundation wants to extend its anti-waste net throughout Italy: this is the time to help us.

1) Why did a company like yours think of a project like Pasto Buono?

The company managing the project is here! Foundation, part of Here! Group, which operates in the management of service tickets, such as meal vouchers, corporate and social vouchers, purchase vouchers and electronic payments. With a network of almost 150,000 affiliated businesses we have also thought about solidarity by involving merchants in a solidarity network.

2) What is the goal of the project?

Involve public and social bodies, infect all public commercial catering establishments and raise public awareness on the urgency of change and the need for action, that of donation, which to date can only be considered mandatory, given the period of difficulties of an ever increasing number of Italian families.

3) How do you evaluate the response received from merchants?

The exhibitors are enthusiastic to be able to participate in a chain of solidarity that involves them personally. Before, some of them donated meals to those who at the end of the day, desperate, would pass by to have a decent meal. Now, the organization has made everything easier and everyone is sure, at the end of the day, that they have given something to someone who actually needs it.

4) How many are there today?

To date, about a hundred commercial establishments located throughout the country have joined Pasto Buono. We aim to increase the network in the coming years, also with the help of the institutions.

5) What are the most active types of merchants?

There is no particular type of merchant who gives more. Delis, bars, self-service restaurants; but also pastry shops and other commercial premises. More than 70,000 meals were donated in 2013 in various ways, including the use of electronic cards. We are thinking of a mobile solution that will be of great help for further dissemination.

6) How did the non-profit organizations react to the initiative?

Positively, because we act as a link between merchants and families in need. We continue to collaborate with the aim of increasing the donation network, supported by our 150,000 affiliated businesses. In short, relations with exhibitors are already active, solidarity must be allowed to grow.

7) Are there any local administrations you have collaborated with?

After Genoa and Rome, the project is also about to start in Florence, Palermo, Milan, Bari and Naples, where in many cases it has received patronage. The Pasto Buono project, sponsored by Rome Capital, for example, is rapidly spreading to the city. Among the first to collaborate with Pasto Buono there are renowned gastronomies throughout Rome.

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