How to get rid of weeds

Those who own a vegetable garden or a garden must protect it from weeds as they are harmful to the health of our plants. The appearance of weeds, in fact, brings with it numerous harmful consequences since they develop to the detriment of plants: they rob them of sunlight, water and nutrients. The most vulnerable plants are especially young ones that have just been transplanted. But not only! The microclimates created by weeds often facilitate the proliferation of parasites, fungi and bacteria and the consequent onset of diseases. But let's see how to protect our plants from weeds following some rules.

Weeds, some prevention rules

  • Devote a few hours a week to cleaning the garden by removing all plant residues and any dry plants
  • Periodically provide for pruning and cutting the lawn grass
  • Water the plants and fertilize the soil within the times and deadlines dictated by the type of plant, the season and the climate
  • Make sure that the plants are healthy by periodically checking for the appearance of diseases or the weakening of our plants

Weeds, procedure to move them
However, when dealing with a pest that has now spread to green space, you can use herbicides which are chemical products and can reach the groundwater. They should therefore be avoided! Although removing the weeds manually proves to be a difficult procedure, it is worth doing it. You can delete the weeds, after a heavy rain: the ground is much softer and therefore it is easier to do this operation. Use a pickaxe and try to remove the roots as well. Before proceeding organize yourself with a pair of gloves then grab the plant at the base avoiding tearing but pulling it gently. Just move it first to the right and then to the left so that the root comes off entirely. If you have a steamer, you can direct the jet of steam on the plant: the root system will soften and the weeding operation will be easier.

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