Volvo V60 Diesel Hybrid, the hybrid that believes itself to be a sports car

There Volvo V60 Hybridarrives on the market with a restyling that sees sportier and sharper lines: the hexagonal grille is wider, the LED lights run horizontally and are placed on the lower part of the bumpers. ThereVolvo V60 Hybridmaintains the same dimensions as the previous model, so it has a length of 4,635 mm, a width of 1,588 mm, a height of 1,484 mm with a wheelbase of 2,776 mm.

The other details that differentiate it from the previous model consist of the chromed frieze as wide as the base of the tailgate which bears the initialsHybrid Plug-In, the 17 ″ 7-spoke wheels and, the inevitable grip for theelectric charging: great observers will notice a small flap that appears on the left front wheel arch, this is where thechargingfor lithium-ion batteries.

ThereVolvo V60 Diesel Hybrid, is the car that for the first time combines electric and diesel-fueled thermal engines. The electric drive is located on the rear wheels and offers a power of 27 HP with peaks of 68 HP ready to add to the 2.4-liter turbocharged engine and five cylinders for a total of 283 HP.


ThereVolvo V60 Hybridit can be used as a classic diesel-powered car, in hybrid mode and in electric-only mode with a range of about 50 km. The gearbox is automatic and offers 6 ratios. The most aggressive cuts in the design materialize on asphalt with facts: to go from 0 to 100 km / h it takes 6.1 seconds while in terms of top speed Volvo declares a peak of 230 km / h.

As for the chargingelectric, it takes 7 hours to "fill up the lithium batteries" using the classic 220 V socket. The only drawback of the car seems to be the price: the Volvo v60 hybrid rechargeable has a price starting from 59,900 euros.


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