Car Sharing in Milan, how it works and how much it costs

Car Sharing in Milan, how it works and how much it costs

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Thecar sharing in Milanit is a real success: the service Car2go has seen a surge in subscribers which reached 40,000 in just one month. Buthow the car sharing service in Milan works? And how much is it?

As anticipated, his name isCar2goand is a revolutionary service ofcar sharingwho arrived in Italy in the shadow of the Madonnina, in that ofMilan. The service was conceived by Smart and is a success in several metropolises around the world, the concept is simple: you intercept the Smart of your interest - the one that the GPS of our smartphone indicates as the closest to us -, you take the car when needed, it is used for the time necessary and it is parked without any obligation of location, as long as the car remains within the urban area of ​​the service.

In short, you know that your colleague after work Paulhe can take you home but you are not sure how to get there, here you remember active car sharing in Milan: intercept the nearest Car2go car, get on board, drive to the workplace, park it in the blue lines without even scratching and enter the office carefree! It is not necessary to hand over the car, just park it and release it so the car will be ready for a subsequent customer. On the contrary, if you need the car, you will have to book it by paying the supplement.

How much does this service costcar sharing?
It is paid according to consumption, 0.29 euro cents per minute. Petrol, parking, access to Area C .... all included. To book the car and make payments, you will need to register online for the Car2go service. After registration, you will be able to collect a special magnetic card that you will need to start the car. For the first time, registration for the service was free, but today, together with the driving license data, email and credit card, the payment of 19 euros will have to be made. The registration fee is paid once and involves the release of the magnetic card. To start the engine you will need to have your card recognized by the system and enter a secret four-digit pin.

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