FIAB for cycle paths and a new Highway Code

Cycle paths safe and a new Highway Code are the priorities of FIAB, the Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle, to make Italy a cycling country. There are many things to do and the most striking example is Malpensa, between Milan and Varese, where the second largest Italian airport, potentially one of the largest in Europe, cannot be reached by bicycle because there are no cycle paths connection.

Cycle paths there are none and the road is forbidden to bikes. That's right, the State Road 336 which is the only access road to Malpensa is forbidden to bicycles (better so because it is dangerous) and this prevents the approximately 20 thousand people (twenty thousand) who work in the airport basin from using the bicycle to go to work. . Absurd, but that's it: I would like to save money but I can't, I would like clean air but I can't. Malpensa is experiencing a grotesque situation from the point of view of mobility.

Those who designed the road infrastructures around the Malpensa airport did not think about cycle paths and bicycles. In some cases, however, the surrounding municipalities have done so and have also taken care to make the roads cycleable, so today the airport is completely disconnected from the cycle paths of the district and the Ticino Park, something that in addition to damaging commuters limits the cycling potential of the territory.

The solution proposed by the FIAB association of Cardano al Campo (the most interested municipality) is written in a petition addressed to the president of the Lombardy region Roberto Maroni also signed by the municipalities of Gallarate, Casorate, Somma Lombardo, Vizzola and the Ticino Park authority , provides for the construction of a bicycle lane and pedestrian area of ​​3.3 km along the left side of State Road 336 in the direction of the airport. In this way, the territories literally divided in two by the state road could be mended.

In addition to cycle pathsHowever, a new Highway Code is needed. In this sense, FIAB supports the proposal of Anci, the association of Italian municipalities, aimed at introducing specific measures for cycling such as: drawing a cycle lane in continuity on urban roads in the right hand; advanced positioning of bicycles at traffic lights and a light especially for cyclists; the two-way traffic for bicycles in one-way streets and the speed limit from 50 to 30 km / h for cars in urban areas. With regard to the accident in transit, the proposal requires that the movement by bike from home to work and for reasons of service be recognized by Inail on a par with public transport.

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