Plastic is killing whales

Plastic is killing whales

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The facts are irrefutable, environmental degradation is caused by humans and we are not just talking about harmful emissions that cannot be felt to the touch but that are killing our lungs. Let's talk about a flood of waste that invades our lands and devastates our seas.

The latest drama comes from the waters off the coast of Holland, but it also happened last spring in Spanish waters and even earlier in other seas! Thewhalesthey are feeding on plastic waste that determines its death, so this majestic animal ends up pulled by the current, stranded lifeless on the coasts.

Thewhalesingest transparent plastics, they open their jaws and englobe them as if it were plankton. Usually it is plastic from industrial crops, the case of Spain has seen in the belly ofwhalea large plastic sheet, the kind used in greenhouses for the cultivation of tomatoes destined for the European market. Not only plastics but also nine meters of rope, rubber tubes, two jars and some metal boxes of spray packages. The cause of death? An intestinal blockage.

We do not know the details of what happened in the Netherlands. We do not know in this case what thewasteingested bywhale, but the culprit does not change: it is man. Thewhalesthey are not the only victims ofplastic waste. Birds and other sea creatures ingest plastic bags because they resemble squid and jellyfish. Here is the deception. Before pointing out the large multinationals and eco-mafias, it is better to make an examination of conscience: how many are therewastethat you produce in your home? How many accessories do you buy and then weary throw away?

The average man does more damage than he imagines. In April 2010 in Seattle, a gray whale was found dead after ingesting 20 plastic bags. Surgical gloves, towels, duct tape, a pair of pants and a golf ball were found in his stomach. Objects accumulated to the point of causing the death of the animal. And… of course you can't blame those who play golf!

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